I had to reinstall windows today in school. I seriously didnt want to touch that bullshit so i did nothing. After 10 minutes teacher came to me handed me an USB labeled freeBSD and pointed to an Rack server and told me just one word "GNOME". Now thats an way of making me fucking happy.
Really that made my day just looooooooooot fucking better. Also i had it all set up faster then all my classmates the damn windows.

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    @AlpineLinnix How dare you even say that in front of me ??? You must know i love GNOME with my heart and i will protect it to the last bit.
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    @AlpineLinnix OK at least you said the magic words (i3WM) now i forgive you for what you said about lovely GNOME.

    I love i3 as much as i love GNOME. Mayvbe GNOME slightly more.
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    @Condor For fuck sake really everybody will come here and say bad things about GNOME ?? Come on none of the DE look like it. And its just awesome and gorgeous.
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    @Condor Yeah i love when teacher does that. Points at Rpi and tells me to make it an DNS server for the entire network and gives me access to the router to set it up. WOOOOOOOOW.
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    i3-gaps <3
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    dwm > *
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    Open box for me 😁

    But really nice faculty u got there mate! Have a great time 🤗
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    @Electrux Yeah its nice here but would be better if school wasnt full of idiots (Exception are maybe 10 guys from entire school (700 people))
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    @Haxk20 yea well... it is what it is... nothing we can do about that 😅
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