i see a lot of AI post on here

i think that "AI wont be dumb" is 1 of the major misconceptions about AI

everyone think's a computer would be super smart bc it'll be able to think fast

it takes "intelligence" to determine 2 ppl are different and make assumptions that lead to racism, and keep confirming those assumptions

it takes intelligence to make a programming languages, frameworks and libraries that a lot of ppl complain are bad

it takes time to gain the experience to even have the _option_ to compare and learn from the experience

the realization of "i can improve myself", the prediction of payoff, weighing the work and effort of an unknown reward - i don't see things like these considered often enough

so many "top of the field" AI ppl share the same opinions. but only a couple philosophers even question if AI would commit suicide or care about things other than what you programmed it to care about

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    If the AI has morals and emotions like human then yes it will act like human.

    Otherwise I think of AI as a doggy but with more intelligent brain than human, when the doggy will realize why the f he is the one who is running after human and wait for them to throw the ball (for example), why can't the doggy through the ball and human fetch? and the rest you can imagine what he will do with the intelligence he has!
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    ya, it becomes a philosophy argument and debate about what brings the complexity we have.

    i don't see an example of motivation without emotional registers. and i don't see something without that having much of a reason to go beyond it's programmed drive
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    True AI has two qualifing traits: ability to reflect (also known as self awarness), and ability propagate itself - create children AI with the same abilties. All others are not AI, but something similar - like almost awareness.
    AI will never have what humans call "common sense" - which is very hard to teach a computer, but very easy to teach to humans.
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    lol i highly disagree with that last part
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    Generating HTML could definitely be done by AI as there are literally hundreds of millions of samples to analyze. With natural language processing, a system could match style to the content. As far as generating things like programming languages goes, generating a domain specific language is not so far fetched imo.

    Also reinforcement learning is literally all about the question, "how can I improve myself?".

    Why people have ridiculous expectations about AI I'm not sure. The pinnacle of it is currently being used to book hair appointments for you.
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