Today Windows notified me that I can update to the new Spring Creators Update. It didn't just start updating without my permission, which looking back should have been the first red flag. An hour later I started the update and left for classes for a few hours.

I came home and I was shocked. It updated successfully, everything was working fine, no apps were missing. I thought something must've went wrong, and just to make sure it updated correctly, I tried booting Linux and it booted without a problem. I'm currently on the phone with MS support to resolve these issues. The update must be broken, I can't see any other explanation. /s

But for real now. Windows isn't designed just to annoy you. Yes, it will update without your permission, but only if you've postponed it for weeks. I'm using systemd-boot as my Linux bootloader and Windows updates don't seem to affect it in any way, maybe it's something to do with GRUB. I've never seen Windows uninstall anything during update.

Yes, Windows 10 isn't perfect and has some bugs, but that's what updates are for. You know, the same updates you refuse to install. And whether you like it or not, Win10 is here to stay, especially since it has almost no competition for desktop use.

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    How much did Microsoft pay you to say this?

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    Windows 10 pro is the way to go.
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    @soohoonigan None. I just saw a shit tonne of rants about windows update being responsible for everything from an app not working to world hunger
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    Have a cookie 🍪
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    @killermenpl I know what you mean...bsod rants all day, I haven't seen a bsod on my computer in 10+ years
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    You brought tears to my eyes 😭
    (Windows user here)
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    Windows may not be the”best” desktop but I’m not going to start a flame war on it.

    As for braking things, my Xbox controller doesn’t get recognised anymore on pc and the only change was the update, so I have a tiny feeling it’s related somehow.
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    @C0D4 Never said it's the best desktop. Just that there is little competition. Macs are expensive and out of reach of a lot of people, and most people consider Linux to be "that scary thing hackers use". And that leave them with only Windows. There is certainly a room for improvement, but it's infinitely better than 8 (in my experience).
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    @raldo94 yesssss. Just had to make adjustments to work stuff, but that's expected when the logins only work in IE
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