Well since my Dev career has been an utter failure. Maybe I should buy a Golden Retriever.

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    (Which jAsE are you now?)
    Yes, do it! Doggos are awesome!
    Much better than humans anyway.
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    Hey! No such words at your own person! You are a cool guy (whichever jase you might be) so chill out, take a break if you feel like it, do some hobbies, maybe hang out with friends, and things will get better plus you might find the time spend on you to give ya some insights to your problems!

    As a matter of fact i feel like you lately but i remebered i had some old graphic tablet in some drawer and i tought 'why not get krita installed on ubu-chan, and get to draw some of my ideas, maybe who knows, i will make a board game too, why not?!'

    Here, have a shroom to make ya feel better! 🍄
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    Well, my Golden Retriever retrieves absolutely nothing.
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    @RantSomeWhere I disagree. I find fellow humans intresting.
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    @RarePanda Eyy my golden is the same damn way. She'll run to everything but then get bored in 2 seconds flat.
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    @twistedvip our dog is interested in a ball when I hold it in my hand. When I throw it, he runs for it. When he is near the ball, he just keeps running ignoring the ball completely...
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