Been trying to get everyone at my current (not for long) company on Jira and Slack rather than WhatsApp and Wunderlist but to no avail.

I created everyone accounts. I set up channels and boards for everyone. I even connected every board to a channel with the specific people involved in it.

Still nothing.

What is even the fucking point in trying to help anymore when nobody fucking bothers? THIS WILL SAVE YOU ALL SO MUCH FUCKING TIME AND WASTED EFFORT!

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    Same here. Everyone is just using WhatsApp.
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    How frustrating is it?

    I just can't work with it at all and they send fucking files over it!
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    Wait... wait...

    This feels like irony.
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    Get a handful over to the new system, and watch the sheep follow when all of a sudden key discussions are no longer occurring where they like.
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    This golden rule would always work. In any team, project or company, if the alpha members are convinced, rest follow, if they aren't, it's impossible.
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    I have tried that so hard but management are old and stubborn as fuck.
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    Taking a step back. If management is insisting WhatsApp n Wunderlist, they just need periodic progress status update and non programming communication, and that's alright. Use Jira and slack among developers and send the summary updates on WhatsApp and get goals from Wunderlist. Create a role for this communication bridge.

    Earlier job, I used to update a live Google summary sheet for management and used Jira among developers. I just used to copy paste the Jira query result in Google data sheet and other reports sheet used to get updated.
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    @fuck2code Same to you, I just wanted you to know it's one of these parked domains :)
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