I will just say one sentence and im sure school students will love it:
You shall not write code on paper !!!!

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    In my uni, even business students are doing their exams on computer (mcqs and essay questions), but here we are the pro coders must do it the hardcore way!
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    But there is one advantage, we had a constructive argument with our lecturer, he said if the code is written on the computer then the lecturer will just run the code to see if it's running if it's not then we will get zero. But on the papers, the lecturer must correct based on your code logic!
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    You shall write write workflows and psuedo code on a white board though!!
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    @C0D4 i agree.
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    @Haxk20 I would hope so, otherwise I’m doing it wrong 😞
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    yeap , you must try it on terminal
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    @Alice Psssst that was not mean to be said!!!
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    For my high school finals I had to write Java programs on paper. Not fun.
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    @mohammed that‘s true. I once got full points for something that was not quite completed and therefor would not have ran. The prof did overlook that as it seems.
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