Is there a limit to how many users we can subscribe to here on devRant?

I have noticed that whenever I subscribe to new users, somehow random previous subscription(s) are un-subscribed and later I notice when I manually visit that user's profile that they have posted rants and I was unaware of it.

Can anybody confirm this or am I the only one who is facing this weird behaviour?

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    I did not face that problem yet
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    I haven't faced this issue yet.
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    @akashvartak @-ANGRY-CLIENT-

    Maybe I have over-subscribed. LOL
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    @Floydian are you sure you didn't unsubscribe from them by mistake? Maybe you "subscribed" a second time without realising you had already subscribed and without noticing the "unsubscribe" label on the button?

    I don't have that many subscriptions, so I never noticed this myself.

    Did you check the issue tracker to see if anyone else reported this?
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    @shellbug let me check the github tracker.

    Also, as a tester, I double check for highlighting.

    Past experience ya know babes...
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    There is no limit.
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    @dfox Thanks man for updating. There must be something wrong with my phone or my head.

    One of them is messing it up. Haha...😅😅
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