Now that I know I can get at least interviews at the next level company, no more applying to these rinky dink outfits that want a senior developer but call and pay them junior salary.

After continuous job searching for the last six months (I did accept an offer and switched jobs in this 6 months, but I never really stop searching, I find continuously taking dev tests and interviews to be fun, even if I don't get the job)

I have learned one thing about this industry, there is no shortage of companies that want the golden goose without paying a dime.

I wish there was a way for developers to band together and shame these companies. Because they just do injustice to us all.

Maybe I will make a company shaming app. I think this is my calling, given those of you who know what I just went/going through when I switched jobs.

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    "want the golden goose without paying a dime"

    u didn't hafta repeat urself...
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    Why doesn't this just become the wk105 rant: "worst experience yoy had with a company" @dfox
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    "CompaRate", the place where you rate companies and find the best suited for you !
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    I think glassdoor does a decent job of being able to rate companies like that. It's been helpful for my job search.
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    Sounds cool. I've been thinking about creating a similar Hall of Shame for hackers that claim big things but can't really do that much / are too lazy to learn / only use tools without understanding them etc. But that's something that seems to be conducted at Defcon already.

    Other than the shaming of companies that pay too little, I think that it'd also be good to know the wages across developers in various countries and companies. Something like "to use the service, please fill in where you work and (an estimate of) what you earn" and then anonymize it and store it into a database, available to those who registered.
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