Why do I have to send these documents overseas in paper form? It's 2018 and you're still asking me to print, sign the damn form with a pen, and send it to the other side of the planet physically?

Well... The post is shit, expensive, and the tracking is more shit. This packet doesn't seem to have left the country yet and it has been three days. (post promises 2-4 days international express delivery)

I'm fucking losing it.... 😱😱

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    Yeah the same thing annoyed me too when I considered studying abroad, hope your documents will arrive
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    Depending on the importance of those documents. In finance companies fly people with those documents across the world.
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    Never mind a PGP flaw was recently found :)

    As was stated before, barring some classified reason, the only thing likey requiring the physical mail is some old legacy system still in place.
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