I’m thinking about starting to work with neural networks and AI, I’ve been advised to use java or lua. Which one should I use? Are there any other good languages for stuff like that?

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    Wtf. Not java. Python or c++ or something but NOT JAVA

    EDIT: Meant as advice not as hate or something <3
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    I would start with something like https://www.tensorflow.org

    They got some pretty easy to folllow getting started guides
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    You can also try keras (if you wish to) its more simplified and runs on top of tensorflow.


    All the best!
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    @LastDigitOfPi um.
    deeplearning4j is a very competent library, and stuff like Spark (for the ML module) is JVM based.
    And in my experience deeplearning4j is pretty easy to use. And compilation times are nothing compared to the runtime of a network anyway. And it's easier (at least, I found it easier) to distribute stuff across a cluster.
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    @RememberMe but its most likely super slow.
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    @LastDigitOfPi any particular reason why? It drops down to C++ anyway for heavy computations, has CUDA modules, and has an extremely robust data collection, transform, and processing layer thanks to Hadoop/Spark and all the work that has gone into making data processing work on the JVM.

    I can't find any good benchmarks, unfortunately, but I can say that it's never really been the bottleneck for me.
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    @mohammed I second this, keras is a great place to start when you just want to see stuff working. And since Keras has several backends (including dl4j), you can explore one of those later on at your convenience.
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    @RememberMe Then its nice, if you like java. I sounded like only Java.
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    definitely python, start with keras first and then when you learn and understand more of the theory, use tensorflow. it will help you understand what keras do for you
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