Me: Your documentation is wrong. I keep getting 401 Unauthorised.
Them: Please show us your code and the response.


Them: Our development team said you need to make POST request not GET request.

Me: Did your development team even read the code? It clearly indicates that it is making a post not get.

Them: They also said you need to pass your API credentials.

Me: Did they read my code? THEY'RE RIGHT THERE! (redacted, of-course).

Them: *no response*

Me: ends up realising they got their fucking endpoints all mixed up and many of their endpoints are very similar that the one they said to use actually made sense.

I got the code working by switching endpoints that I was using.

Them: Can you please send us your full code?

Me: *pretending I haven't got it working yet* I already sent you the full code.

Them: did you read the FAQ part of the documentation. You need to authenticate using your API credentials.

Me: I am but it tells me unauthorised.

Them: Let me escalate this.

Me: ok.

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    As someone who works in support... Please remember they are humans too.
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    The difference between me and them is they treat me like I'm the fucking stupid one yet I'm always respectful and polite and very fucking patient.
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    Also note that my issue here is with the development team and/or the people who wrote the documentation. Not the support people. Which I left out because that should be obvious enough already. @ryankrage77
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