Me: Your documentation is wrong. I keep getting 401 Unauthorised.
Them: Please show us your code and the response.


Them: Our development team said you need to make POST request not GET request.

Me: Did your development team even read the code? It clearly indicates that it is making a post not get.

Them: They also said you need to pass your API credentials.

Me: Did they read my code? THEY'RE RIGHT THERE! (redacted, of-course).

Them: *no response*

Me: ends up realising they got their fucking endpoints all mixed up and many of their endpoints are very similar that the one they said to use actually made sense.

I got the code working by switching endpoints that I was using.

Them: Can you please send us your full code?

Me: *pretending I haven't got it working yet* I already sent you the full code.

Them: did you read the FAQ part of the documentation. You need to authenticate using your API credentials.

Me: I am but it tells me unauthorised.

Them: Let me escalate this.

Me: ok.

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    As someone who works in support... Please remember they are humans too.
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    The difference between me and them is they treat me like I'm the fucking stupid one yet I'm always respectful and polite and very fucking patient.
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    Also note that my issue here is with the development team and/or the people who wrote the documentation. Not the support people. Which I left out because that should be obvious enough already. @ryankrage77
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    Did you just sent your code to a 3rd party?? tcpdump/wireshark, soapui/postman has been there since. You should use it for that purpose... aside from that, you know, devs are proud races, theyd laugh/rant at someone elses code almost everytime. Another thing, devs wont bother debugging others’ code. Instead of you bamboozling, your the one getting banboozled for wasting time with support while they are sipping coffee watching cats in the web.
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    @jinryu dude, my intentions of contacting support in the first place was to make them aware of a mistake in their documentation. But as usual the support people are too incompetent to understand basic shit and instead their instinct was to treat me like a dumb fuck by assuming it was my code that was the problem. The code I sent is actually their own code from their API docs. If anything, they should be extremely ashamed of themselves for writing such garbage. Hopefully they've learned something from this, though I doubt they have.
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    Lol even if you were doing a GET request by accident, the API should be throwing a bad request method code instead of a 401
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