I want to buy a server for private use for a long time and now I found a good offer on ebay for me. The problem now is:
How do I explain the need of a server to my girlfriend? She does not really sees any use for a private server at all and it still is a big amount of money we have to discuss. I want to host a media server on it, a backup server and a gitlab server for personal projects. Any other use cases I can explain to her? Really want this thing.
Gonna talk to her after work in a few hours about that topic.

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    Uhmmm, the problem I see (as arguments against you) is that, all of that can be achieved using (at least) several paid online services...

    So, if you really, really want a personal in-house server, you could do the math and prove how much you'd save by having your own, instead of paying anual fees for online services.

    Also, you could use some real-life stories of data loss to show one benefit or having it under your own control (for example: gitlab's last year data loss).

    I can't think of much more.
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    I mean Hillary Clinton had one. So I need one.
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    central video delivery:
    instead of having videoson dvds, youtube, ... everywere you can have them on one place where you can access them. so you can access them in the kitchen, on the smartphone, on the notebook, on the tv, ...
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    If your girlfriend is not at all engaged with tech, this will probably apply:

    You know how you like shoes/dresses/whatever? I'd like a personal server because I can keep my data private and can guarantee a 100% uptime within the house (long live LAN), which can keep the movies and series accessible via your phone, TV and computer! It is almost a one time investment (not considering power bills, but I doubt it will add very much) and I will be set for quite some! (Explicitly be vague for how long you will be set, I assume you want to buy new gadgets in the future too :p)
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    It's your money, so why bring it up?
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