About 2 weeks ago, I said to our "lead developer" (yes, you read those finger quotes right. He is just a developer like the rest of us, but likes to think he is over everyone) :
We should start migrating away from this certain technology we are using in our stack, and start using this new one. This is what I keep finding in all the documentation. I keep finding that they aren't going to support the tech we are currently using, and the documents suggest we switch over.

Other dev: No! That technology is such a bad idea, I would suggest we never use that ever! (Then goes on and on about how if I am even thinking about using that tech... That I should consider switching careers and on and on... And more BS) btw he had been trying to make me use this old tech stack for years, but I have refused because I always thought it was useless. But he would go on and on about it realigiously and tell me how he is a better, smarter programmer because he knows the tech and I don't. (For his information I could of learned it if I wanted, I just didn't see the point)

Today, Other Dev: I would like to make an announcement to the team. For now on we should use this new technology (the technology I suggested to weeks earlier), because the technology we are using isn't going to be supported any more. Does every one agree? (Asking this, and not giving us a chance to respond) ok great I am glad we all agree.

I was just thinking you two timing snake. You are taking all the credit for something I mentioned to you 2 weeks ago. Which is one thing. But it's another thing because you told me I should consider stopping programming, because I simply thought about using that tech in our development stack. And now because you think you are the best Dev, you are going to shove it down our throats without giving anyone a chance to digest what you just said.

Idk how much more of their crap I can handle. This Dev always throws a fit if it's something I know and he doesn't. I know this person is threatened by me, but man it's annoying.

If you made it this far, thank you.

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    Totally feel your pain man, but very few people know how to give recognition properly so try not to take it too personally. Look at the bright side, you get to use your preferred tech and gain experience in it. If you expect recognition from others, you are going to be disappointed most of the time. Take it less personally and focus on your personal development, don't waste time thinking about recognition because once you get a new job, all this won't matter. All the best!
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    torment him. it is very easy. ask about vaporware tech, and see what happens. He will not accept new ideas, unless they are his, so plant a few dumb ones, inception style.
    Very fun to have in the office.
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    @ymas I totally agree with you. Seeking recognition from others will almost always let you down.

    Honestly it's not about that. Its just that he will pretend not to remember the conversation we had two weeks ago.
    Maybe I just want an apology from him, idk. I just needed to rant cause he's an ass, and it pissed me off the way he treated me.
    It's that he is going to justify that because it was "his idea" that it's the best idea. Don't get me wrong I am happy we are going to use the new tech, I think I am mostly just mad how he is so condenscending to me he is.
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    @magicMirror haha this is great idea! And probably a great way to deal with the stress and frustration of it. I do I have to admit, I do like to troll him
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    @magicMirror after looking what vaporware is haha this is great. Now I just need to come up with some clever names and register some domain names haha
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    @akasoggybunz just be careful - once the type "has an idea" - even if very dumb, he won't let go of it. Make sure it will not trace back to you, or in the worst case, cause you extra work.
    Avoid managment fads, concentrate on "new" easy to use tech like codeblocks.
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