So as some of the people here close to me know our company is recruiting, and I was tasked to find a developer to join our team.

I posted on a forum for developers that we are looking for a young freshly graduate developer to join our team.10 minutes after it has been approved I receive an email with the CV from someone who looked like a perfect candidate for the job. Ten minutes later I receive the same email being forwarded by that same person and then with another reply with the same content.

I replied to him telling him that his email was well received and has been put down for review. Some minutes ago my phone rang and guess what? He sent me the same email again.

I swear to all that is good and holy if that prick sends me his email one more time, I'm gonna find where he is and shove his laptop down his throat. Don't fucking waste my time with your shenanigans, if you want a job that badly don't spam us like that. You could at least send us a fucking email or call me asking for an update on your application.

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