I have to confess something... As you all know the new GDPR law is right around the corner and I am a web developer. That means we had to update all our websites so they comply with the new law. On one website (which was quite old) I had to add a link to the privacy page in the footer. Which doesn't sound too bad but... there was no include file for the footer and I there were a lot of sites I would have to edit. So I did my first ever hack...

I added a js script in the headscripts include which was on every site and it looked for the imprint link. If it found the imprint link it placed the privacy link right next to it. This was the hackiest thing I ever did.

I am truly sorry....

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    There’s the right way, and then there’s the easy way. These two things are rarely the same.
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    How about writing a quick python script with beautiful soup?
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    Depending on webserver and platform there might be some hook to modify the generated html before it leaves the server.

    Not very much prettier but it works for those rare cases where a client does not have javascript enabled.

    On the other hand, you could add a link to the top to that is removed when the script runs to make sure you always show it.
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    @AlexDeLarge Ja bin Deutsch :) Honestly though, thank you for the notice I never even thought about it. I always like to improve my english :)
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    @ilikeglue yeah could've done that but then again I wouls have to learn a little python for that.
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