Start work computer. Get coffee.
Get back to work computer and try to startup visual studio. Can't startup while process is running... OK... Whatever.

Wait a while, come back same thing.
Go install visual studio code for dotnet core project.

5k git changes reported. Huh? Stupid...

Visual studio still refusing to start up.

Restart computer.
Re adjust monitor position settings (because why would that ever stay the same).

Try to launch visual studio. Setup for this installation of visual studio is not complete. Run the installer again to correct the issue.


Dell updates required. Ok, fine.
Restart again, because windows.

Try to run visual studio. Oh yeah, need to rerun the installer.

Visual studio installer needs to update. Joy.

No restart required. Finally. Updating visual studio.

Setup completed with warnings. Go figure.

Try to modify to correct the issues. Remove office and SharePoint development plug-ins because why bother.

Finally I can launch and get back to work. After almost 2 hours. Ridiculous.

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    Download VS Code...

    Drag it into Applications...

    Start up Visual Studio Code...

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    @bcye don't have a Mac.
    I installed it while vs was being borked.

    Said it had 5k git changes when all I did was install and open it fresh install. Closed it.

    Not ready to muck with that nonsense.
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    @Pseudonymous just part of the job right? πŸ˜‚
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    @CriticalFailure well, if you have any tips on other types of work, I'll listen fully! What kind of work do you mostly do? If you don't mind I ask?
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    @bcye Still, no regular Visual Studio for you.
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    At least it’s only 2 hours, try 2015 version
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