Bored of seeing ICOs with buzzwords everywhere?

Generate yours here: http://yetanotherico.com

I got ''First VR powered cloud for drones'' 😂

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    I got "First decentralized deep neural network for IoT" looks like doable to me 😂
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    "First cybersecurity based PaaS platform for AI" lol
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    "First solidty-powered chatbot to manage robots"
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    First voice-driven intelligent app for health technologies
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    First Ethereum-based big data cloud for the augmented reality
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    First POW-based dip-learning data-cloud for robots

    Dear God
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    First cybersecurity based cloud for mining farms

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    "First Bitcoin-based intelligent app for industrial robots"

    Love the sarcasm on that site
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    First cognitive influencer marketing platform for AIoT

    BTW the UI of that site is awesome! At first I was like "what a slow-loading image" but then I realized it tracks the cursor and shows a net!
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    Another one:


    First data-driven VR-AR-360-degree video platform for the virtual reality
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    First decentralized big data cloud for industrial robots
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    "First AR-powered blockchain for the augmented reality"

    LMAO let me do this real quick...
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    "First private dip-learning data cloud for VR"
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