My dotfiles are approaching completion. It looks pretty good tbh. Might post some pics later

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    I'm always looking to improve my dotfiles, you should make a GitHub repo for them
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    Also for the c devs out there. I'm trying to compile St but i'm getting a core dump failure because it's trying to use free() on a non existent pointer i'm pretty sure
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    @kmccmk9 I will :) they are nothing special atm though
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    @Condor i won't :). But don't even think about using them with terminology. I'll kill you if you do that :). Honestly a lot of stuff in the configs rely on specific terminals that support colour changing through wal. It would look off if you used sth like terminology
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    @Condor I mean, if you can port pywal to terminology that would be cool. Glhf https://github.com/dylanaraps/pywal
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