Am I the only one who feels like JS frameworks offer very little for the convoluted esoteric mess they are? These were created for job security purposes so noobs have an additional dozen layers of technology to decrypt before they can even get an interview.

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    I think JS frameworks are the only reason I can even do frontend, without them it would much harder to organize everything and I had to implement even the most simplest things like routing.
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    And sharing work in one website project would be hard if you didn't have a good way to divide it into functional components and would have to resolve merge conflicts every time instead.

    That usually doesn't affect smaller projects, but dividing large files is always important for the peace of mind if nothing else.
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    Coming from a background of working in languages with robust standard libraries, or at least industry-standard libraries, I'm absolutely hating working on anything in React right now because every project is cobbled together in a slightly different way and if the original authors don't document their project then you get to play software archeologist. We have a few guys working full-time on React and they just go off and do their own thing in their own respective projects and then when I have to collaborate with them on their projects it's just like ??? because you can bet your boots they never bothered to write docs nor did they talk to each other about how to best put together a React project. Definitely seems to be a job security factor in here and it seems like a great way to make instant legacy code. I'm sure it's possible to make a good React project but from what I've seen it largely gives people just enough rope to hang themselves with.
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