anyone else being caught up in GDPR tasks lately? we are having a huge cookie banner debate at work lately and temper has been running high because there are still some insecurities amongst the devs about the technical requirements.

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    Thank you! Yes.. I'm responsible for GDPR compliance for our website and the more I look into it, the more I start hating the EU.

    And all of it has been caused by users that couldn't be assed to worry even in the slightest about their own privacy.

    User: what, you're requesting my location? Camera? WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Same user: oh you want UAC admin / root? No problem, go ahead ☺

    The technology industry has made a huge mistake in making computers available to the general public, and now we're getting our payback for it.. I hate it.
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    @Condor my problem isn't the end users, but our customers. We sent them reminders weeks, sometimes months ago GDPR is coming up and that their website isn't fully compliant with the new laws yet. Usually the response was radio silence. And guess who's coming up to us asking for rush jobs now -.-
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    @CoffeeNcode well it's a chore for everyone I guess.. avoiding it till the last moment 😅
    Honestly, it's already giving me sleepless nights and nightmares. And that while our website doesn't even handle sensitive data other than a fucking mailing list 😓
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    @Condor I feel you. Internally, people are pissed off because a business developer sold cookie banners for a fixed price. which, turns out, will most probably be too low for what needs to be done according to the Prior Consent rule. For customers, the main requests are cookie banners and SSL certificates. All (internally too) ofc last minute jobs -.-
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    I get everyone's side because it is difficult to implement but also, we've had years for this.... :P
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    @linuxxx agreed, hooray for everyone
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    My entire company is like that lol.
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    @dfox I honestly never realized that you work for a company outside of devRant.. the more you know! Makes me respect the effort put into devRant so far even more ❤️
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    @Condor haha thanks. Yeah, hopefully devRant will generate enough $ that we can work on it full-time one day, but right now just trying to keep it going/bootstrap (and work on it during most of our free time) and having the day jobs to pay the bills.
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