If anything can go wrong, it will.

Good day!

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    Shouldn't you wish for a bad day then, so it goes wrong and turns into a good day?
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    @JoshBent If anything can't go wrong, it will anyway.
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    Just woke up and opened devRant. This is the first thing I see. Thanks!
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    @Olverine you're welcome.

    Nobody is immune to reality.
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    @fuck2code ??
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    Well one of the best advice that accepting fate.Rather than letting it bug your somewhere in your mind.
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    @fuck2code I was asleep and @Life didn't mention me 😥😥😥

    I am in crippling pain right now.
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    @fuck2code this took a different turn.

    Yes, we must ban life.

    Not sure why people are afraid of death, the pain is caused by life.
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    If anything goes wrong, it'll happen in the worst time possible.

    Good day to you, too.
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    Tried to buy my lounge furniture just now, card over limit. Had the awkward "sorry, gotta call my bank" moment. Great.

    I HAVE the money, its just the stupid card limits on my "youth" card that limit me. 😂🔫
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    Good Day !
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