Story time mother truckers!

Y'all know the deal so far but here's a recap of last week's episode:

Me: "I'm quitting because of reasons."
Boss: "You're a disgrace and you're going to fail and nobody likes you and if it wasn't for us you'd never have a job in this industry!"
Me: "You're a selfish arrogant prick who thinks the world owes him a favour."

It ended there. Until yesterday.

My biggest client emailed him to ask about meeting to discuss timescales and a plan of action (he hadn't told them I was leaving yet) so he uses it as an excuse to remind me that I'm "a failure who he was told not to hire" and berate me. He tells the client I'm leaving.

The same client, the one who has been asking for the impossible phones me up, apologises, tells me that they're only pressuring because they hate my boss. They want nothing to do with him. They then proceed to say "So... is there anything we could offer to tempt you away from your new job?"


After everything, through all the shit, they said they recognised I was much more junior than they were promised but were so impressed that I was able to keep up that three separate people in their company decided on their own to ask me to work for them.


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    Nailed it,

    now just check your contract for anti poaching clauses and take the new role 👍
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    Yay man!!!! :D
    I have been following your adventures since long here on devrant!
    there's surely been lot of shit in your way!!
    I am glad you found someone that appreciate you!
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    Congratulations! :) I don't even know you but I feel so proud of you. :D
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    Thank you!

    It made me so happy. It was so funny as my boss always said they were angry because they didn't like me or one of the other guys in the company.
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    Great story!
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    So happy for you man. Congrats!!
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    @Kalex @KKDev This is so damn awesome!!
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    I'll fuckin drink to that! Congrats man on the new job and the sweet sweet justice
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    Oh wow, seems surreal, congrats! Pricks like him should really know their place.
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    Congrats, OP.

    @C0D4 Aren't those illegal?
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    Congrats, you're definitely worth it.
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    They are very much legal here as well but there isn't one in my contract!
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    They should and I really fucking hope he learns from all this.

    I hate people who think they're the greatest thing ever.
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    @Charon92 I hope you find yourself a better boss in that company :) May the odds be ever in your favor!
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    Universal justice... nice!
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    Such a feel good story! Grats dude!
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    Aaah... That must feel like perfection...
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    @C0D4 wouldn't be poaching if he's leaving for independent reasons would it? Or you talking about the new job
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    @demortes i read this as he is still employed with first company, yes his put in notice of quitting but accepting a position for a client of his current employer can breach those anti poaching clauses.

    Now if he was to quit, stop being payed altogether by his employer and in some instances exceeded his contractual timeframe of working for clients / direct competition, then he’ll be fine.

    This is all an assumption without knowing his contract with his current employer.

    As for how legal this shit is, that depends on country.
    In Australia business’s can add up to 12 months for anti-compete / poaching clauses, although it’s typically only seen in professional roles.
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    My story with different dialogues. .
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    @Charon92 People thinking they're the best thing since sliced bread... should be taken down a slice. They usually forget how everyone is replacable.

    But enough with the negative stuff -Congrats! 🍻
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    Thank you!

    Definitely needs to and he will do. Everyone's going to abandon ship. It's happening already.
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    Congrats man. Me going through same phase lol
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    Congrats felicitaciones!
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    That's amazing!
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    Congratulations sir, this rant is going straight on The Hall of Fame 👌🏻😊
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    In the end , Don found peace with himself & his past .
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    GG 😃
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    Well done! You make us proud. *tear*
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