I try not to keep tabs on my old company. But in this case it is hard not to.

They just fired someone for telling the truth to a customer.

They are now contesting his unemployment.

The truth that he told is that a single site can affect all the site's performance on there entire stupid hosting plaform, so if a single site is ddossed. it will affect ALL the sites.

The built literally shared hosting on containers. (no shit) shares a single Aurora instance etc etc...

They obviously want to try to keep this from leaking.

I am sure they paid off the customers (prob in the 10's of thousands) to keep quiet who this employee told. (because that is what they do)

So idk whether to get involved in spreading the word. (It would destroy them they are very vulnerable right now and afraid)

Or just continue on with my daily life.

I mean, the guy had an attitude problem anyways, I think he should have been fired long ago.

But getting fired for telling the truth is just...but whatever people get fired all the time. That is not what pisses me off. What pisses me off is them contesting his unemployment.

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    What is this "contesting unemployment"?
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    @ArcaneEye I assume they want to argue that he was fired for bad behavior so that they don't have to pay him unemployment benefits.
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    @spongessuck omg that's horrible. But the company would need proof that he was given a written warning or and time to change his ways. Unless you done a crime. They cant get out of paying unemployment without proof he signed something. He can just sue them for slander too.
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    @spongessuck oh, that's luckily not how it works here :-)
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    Yes but he has to appeal the contestation and prove too that he didn't do what they said. It turns into a he said she said type deal.

    The company I am sure is expecting him not to appeal.

    Also the appeal delays unemployment benefits for up to 3 months
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    @Bitwise goodness. Didn't know that 😰
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