Can we please stop it with the blockchains and crypto currency cow manure? It was funny as a joke at first but it's not any longer.

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    Good job at keeping it alive
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    @Kimmax I do my best apparently. Backstory: an old friend, who's tight on cash asked me to help and have a look at low-end cheap graphics cards as his old one is slowly but surely nearing it's final destination. 1h later after surfing through benchmarks, comparisons and general product listings on Amazon.co.uk ...I've gone from initially just wanting to slap a crypro miner to wanting to burn down every and all crypto currencies and markets tied to them.
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    Sounds like someone doesnt grasp the concept of crypto but ok
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    @LastDigitOfPi Just the currencies, yes. But I mentioned both the currencies and markets - you crap out the market and no one will want to touch it with a 10ft pole like DodgeCoin.

    P.S.: Nice username.
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    @sharktits Admittedly the intricasies and finer points have slipped my mind over the years, as I've forgotten most of the stuff about the technology and concepts behind the whole thing (and most of that was all based on just BitCoin anyway) so I don't market myself as an educated consultant on those topics.

    I still think the whole concept of "mining rigs" that eat mW's of power is extremely wasteful, which, is pretty fucken hypocrytical, looking at how judging by that metric alone, a global DNS server can also be called "wasteful".
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    I think I may be a Certified Blockchain Professional. I learned how to make linked lists in C, so that should be enough.
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