People bitching about Microsoft wanting to acquire GitHub.

Really? You understand Microsoft are actively developing VSCode, one of the best editors on any platform? The same Microsoft responsible for integrating Linux in Windows?

Windows itself is rightfully the target of some criticism, but Microsoft in recent years are doing some amazing and positive work. Server 2016 is a quality product. Visual Studio has been awful for a long time but appears to be heading in a good direction now. Honestly, get over yourself if you can’t seem to shake the MICROSOFT IS BAD meme.

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    Good one...
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    This is what I call a rationale thinking
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    Still, id really hate for GitHub to be acquired by Microsoft
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    But it's fun to whine about Microsoft. πŸ˜₯
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    They use Git and GitHub. They have talented devs. They have very savvy businessmen. They have a lot of money. They are not great at marketing, but does GitHub even need great marketing? The product is the advert.
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    @StefanH yeah but it seems really sketchy to me that a company that has historically been pro-proprietary is now thinking of buying a company that’s completely dedicated to open source.

    It just feels wrong to me...
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    I’d probably support a partnership but I just hate the idea of an acquisition
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    @A-C-E Then it's quite possible they wish to turn on their heads and go with libre and open-source software instead (note: """possible""" is not """guaranteed"""")
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    I don't see why people are freaking out over this? 10 years ago, I'd understand. But now MS is becoming more and more open source. I think this will be great for all involved parties.
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    Github is the heart and soul of my workflow and I'd prefer if even Google acquires it instead of MS
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    They're also the ones that took over Skype
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    I think Satya's Microsoft is very very different from Ballmer's. They have been doing really amazing work under this new leadership. This acquisition can actually lead to something good.
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    I changed my mind about microsoft since vscode and linux on win. They are heading good way.
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    @A-C-E search for codeplex and. Net foundation
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    I know where you are going with this shit so this is mine. Hitler was also a painter that wanted to study art and this didn’t stop him from give orders to kill millions of people.
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    @vane oh that makes totally sense /s
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    Oh there are some very good arguments as to why this would be bad in the eyes of some people but appearantly those are bullshit by default or something?
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    Am I the only one thinking about all the other big companies who host stuff on GitHub? If MS acquires GitHub, why would Facebook, for example, want to open source React on GitHub in the future?

    Or is that a bad argument?
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    @hacker for the same reason they did today, why they wouldn't?
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    @dontbeevil How about this one. Your private repositories are violating our patents we cannot decompile your binary but now we own github so we know what you’re doing there :)
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    I've worked with people from Microsoft. It's not a very ethical company.
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    @dontbeevil maybe because GitHub isn't a competitor to those big companies?
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    @A-C-E I do agree with you to an extent; it's important to make the distinction between Microsoft the company versus the developers working at Microsoft; the teams working on VS Code and .net core are awesome and I suspect as individual developers their views do not necessarily align with their employer's.

    But we shouldn't forget that Microsoft has a past history of writing internal reports on the threat open source and Linux brought to it, nor should we look past their gradual vacuuming up of and subsequent re-licensing of patents which affect the Linux and Android communities especially; Microsoft as a business is agreeing with open source because it's convenient for Microsoft, not because people in suits care deeply for open source.
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    Because microsoft maims and kills everything they put their hands on.

    big companies like that only care about making more profit, now you tell me how getting their hands on an open source platform is beneficial to them?

    it's like saying oh but your ex isn't cheating on you amymore why don't you take her back? no fuck no, fuck this shit, fuck M$
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    @shaki please tell me what did they kill .. oh M$ reminds me when I was a kid and MS was bad, LOL
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    One or two products that are good doesn't signal a changed company. I use vs code and love it, but I'm still very aware of the bigger picture.

    It is a very good thing that GitHub is a separate company, as stated by previous people here, one if the biggest reasons is that they don't try to tie you to any external products.

    Take a quick look at the vs code docs, you'll see lots of help integrating with Ms azure, but no mention of aws. This is the way GitHub would slowly and subtly change over time, which is only a bad thing.
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    @drumgimp one or two product: windows, vs, vs code, vsts, office, teams, azure... Don't you thing that should be amazon provide help and docs for integration with aws???
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    So you're going to sit back there and act dumb? or are you just too lazy to use the internet for reasons other than to masturbate?

    - Microsoft buying Nokia's smartphone division with Lumia and Android (Yeah that was clearly a profitable acquisition and they didn't drive it into the ground at all, be it intentional or not) saying that Nokia was already failing does not mean that Microsoft didn't push it towards the ground.


    - You really want me to dive into "Skype"? I thought so.


    - Don't get me started on Microsoft's "Privacy" settings in windows 8/8.1/10. gtfo
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    Microsoft has hotmail and linkedin and now they want to get their hands on a code repository company, you know what? I wouldn't care if you can't give me good arguments on the above mentioned points since you're clearly just spouting bullshit with no substantial evidence, just tell me why is it a good idea for Microsoft to be doing that.
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    @shaki so you provided 3 arguable arguments, out of hundreds of products, services and acquisition from ms... Nobody's is perfect and its far from EVERYTHING. Ms had codeplex that was an open source repo platform, they provide lot of support, collaboration and integration with github, would be good, i don't care, if people doesn't like, can use many of other options
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    And if you're actually reading instead of mindlessly replying, you'd know that I don't even want you to argue them, I specifically asked you to give me reasons why buying GitHub for Microsoft would be beneficial to the community and you are yet to do that.

    And you seriously mentioned CodePlex? I mean I was really trying to avoid the embarrassment that Microsoft didn't manage to make a software that is very fucking similar to github work. I mean you have an actual example of a similar situation where Microsoft dumped the project like a hot pile of venomous poo dipped in alcohol and then lighted on fire.


    "Hundreds of acquisitions"... oh god...

    Which acquisitions were successful?

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    @shaki we'll see if it's good I didn't say it is, we'll see if it's bad like you're sure it is, at the moment we can't know... linkedin, xamarin, minecraft, hockeyapp, here you can find a list of many smaller ones, integrated in their products... that's enough for today, study and feel free to believe what you want

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    Microsoft products are a pile of privacy-invading, buggy and slow crap, money can't make up for that

    Vscode is made by maybe 0.001% of the engineers at M$ just for te good image that it gives to the company
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    Oh you're not backpedaling from this one.

    You went ahead and said "You can't seem to shake the Microsoft is bad meme" and fuck your caps btw.

    Now you can't just turn around and say" Oh hurr durr we don't know that it'll be good or bad.

    Bitch you're ranting¹ about people ranting¹ about Microsoft and i'm ranting¹ about that and you're giving an "Editor" as an argument? I would have much more respect for you if you have actually provided some legitimate evidence on why it's a good idea, constructive criticism man, rtfm.

    ¹ ranting here can be replaced by bitching because that's what the fuck you and I are doing, what i'm saying is that you are unwilling to provide any new insight on the matter.

    Good to day to you, cheers.
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    @shaki no chill
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    Where vscode for android :O
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    @shaki Sure Microsoft was quite evil back in days. Specially during Ballmer's lead. But unless you've been living under a cave, u must know how the company's culture has changed over the years.

    I mean from being one of the most evil companies to being named as one of the most ethical companies! That's something (FTR neither Google nor Apple was named)

    Plus, they have been working fabulously to produce really innovative products these days. If u r a dev and u haven't used MS tools then u r just an ignorant fool trying to cry his sorry ass in name of M$.

    If u r an app developer, try using App Center(they have really useful integrations with GitHub too and features which will just blow ur mind), VSTS, Xamarin etc.

    And contary to the past where u seem to be stuck in, all their services are so cohesive, they're just gonna make ur life easier. Give it a shot, all their dev tools are really great.

    And yeah they care about money. Ping me when u start a company just for charity!!
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    I agree with most of your comment but not the "if ur a dev and haven't used ms tools you are a fool" part.
    It's possible to develop a huge range of software without touching at a M$ tool.
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    @TomRiddle thanks
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    GitHub is great! But there is no guarantee that it will stay that way if Microsoft acquires it. Even if they have been moving in the right direction lately.
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    @Cawrtz I didn't mean using them on a daily basis. But as a dev, i don't make opinions about things wiithout even trying them.

    Now their dev tools range is so wide, starting from a code editor like Vs code, one of the best IDEs VS to one of the two best cload platform Azure.

    And what i really meant there was, I always prefer to try out as much as i can, and ''if my hate for a company keeps me away from some amazing stuff, then i wud be a fool''
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    @Olverine Well that may have some substance. Acquisitions are complicated and may get messy if both comapnies don't share a common vision.

    But unlike most cases(where companies mess up trying to monetise a startup), github is already monetised (just like linkedin already was).

    Besides, gitHub has been struggling with a leadership situation with no CEO for almost a year now. I think it could be a win win for both.

    But yeah, who r we to analyse, lets just see how things unfold and hope for the best πŸ˜…
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    If by "working fabulously" you mean acquiring small and big companies to just have their way then yeah they're working fabulously.

    I should just stop discussing with you on this 7 year old writing of an uneducated remark "If u r a dev and u haven't used MS tools then u r just an ignorant fool trying to cry his sorry ass in name of M$" but alas every child needs to be put in their place every now and then.

    Caring about money isn't a bad thing, but if it's the only thing you care about then yeah it's a bad thing.

    While you're going on and on about how MicroShit will make my life easier, how about you tell me in what way is this acquisition of any benefit other than to include their own crap into github? because after all this is what the OP is about.

    MicroSatan just wants your code and increase their userbase by buying it, yeah that's not at all devious, you're right².

    ² Of course i don't mean you're right, dis iz sarcazm u petulant fool
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    "their dev tools range is so wide"

    mentions an editor and a cloud :facepalm:

    You reminded me of the App Store when you said App Center, oh my god what a hot steaming pile of shit, some legit PTSDs there.

    Now to sum up your unbecoming excuse of a tantrum.

    People are writing code, sharing, collaborating and deploying without any problem and it has never been easier, MicroSlave just want to shove their nose in something that they failed to do before miserably and they will fail again, now until you can provide a legit argument how this is beneficial to everyone you can go feast on a flaccid peen.
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    @shaki U lost me when u compared App Center to an App Store πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Traumas man, they're a bitch
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    @shaki All that cursing, sure u got some serious issues too. And people thought we were just having a civilised discussion here.

    Lack of knowledge or information can be cured, but I ain't got anything for pure hatred. So u can live with ur opinion.

    And btw, i didn't just mention VS code, I mentioned few other things too(which are just a gist of the whole picture).

    May be u should just learn to read properly. Or maybe u just have issues with comprehension.
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    Everyone has issues, what's your point?

    Are we discussing our personalities or our arguments? or you just can't separate between the two?

    What's wrong with having a little bit of fun while arguing, I think it's quite healthy and keeps it interesting as long as it's constructive.

    @dontbeevil and you are still to present arguments on why the OP is a good thing, I've been asking for it in most of my posts, your failure to provide it to me is simply astonishing and damning.

    I've been keeping an open mind throughout this whole discussion, why don't you include something substantial in your next reply before hitting that "Post" button
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    @shaki show me where I explicity said that's a good thing
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    Considering they are thinking going public in the next few years, do you really want to see GitHub run by investors? It would turn to crap very fast.

    MS is probably the best company who could buy GitHub. They are already the top open source contributor, they understand the product, they can financially back it up and they have talented devs.
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    @shaki Okay.. So as i have earlier mentioned, gitHub is struggling for a stable leadership currently, so it could help gitHub there. I am hereing that the guy previously leading Xamarin is gonna lead the acquisition.

    For Microsoft, as they have already worked a lot on their DevOps tools integrations with github, the acquisition can help them do it better.

    I think it bring about a lot of stuff for developers who use Microsoft stack or tools (i know u don't but a lot others do)

    Now, for github, enterprise being one of the strongest arms of Microsoft, it could really help provide a better features for enterprises to bring gitHub into their work process easily along with the tools they already use.
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    @hacker competitors to Amazon use aws. I fail to see how this scenario would be different.
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    @dontbeevil You can be neutral, nothing's wrong with that, your comments suggested that you thought it was a good thing, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    @TomRiddle Fair points all around, but why can't MicroSlut make their own alternative to github? Googobble is doing it (regardless of how good or bad it is)

    They just want the service and the userbase without working for it, and I can't see this in a good light whatsoever
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    @shaki Well they do have VSTS which is really good with a lots of amazing features. (but it's just for private repos)
    I like gitHub for its simplicity πŸ™‚
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    VS Code is trash like everything from microsoft.... Show me one program that has over 4k open issues on github..... Wait its VS CodeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and over 40k issues closed. They are integrating linux features because they are noobs
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    @shaki I'm just against who bullshit about something before it even happens... If and when will happen, I'll judge
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    @Bitwise yes i remember, but i remember also that 90s called, now it's 2018, ms has the company with most open source repos on github, develop sw for all platforms, support linux in windows and in azure
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    @Bitwise mmm i think you should start to check recent news:
    - ms stock price is the highest of all times
    - ms value just overtook alphabet (google) and it's the third most valuable company after apple and amazon
    - you should take a look at last ms quarterly revenue report
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    Just like Lex Luthor running for president and winning popular vote.
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    I think they just need some ai input data otherwise it doesn’t make sense to acquire this kind of business for MS
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    @Bitwise thing changes, specially in IT fast, peoole should understand it... It's even worst that people still didn't see how changed the "don't be evil" google, but people still stucks in old good times, when they'll notice will be too late
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    I don't understand how you can't get it through your thick head and can't see the irony in which MicroSleeze dwells in.

    So they have their own VSTS and yet the free version is limited to 5 users and only "PRIVATE" repos, and they're buying GitHub...

    It baffles me how you are not questioning these things.

    You're the type of person who believe that hitler can change, disgusting.
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    @shaki one more word to mock Microsoft, really you childish people can't write it normally?

    Yest they have vsts with private repos, FREE up to 5 projects and 5 users... Is github free for private repos?
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    dontbeevil:"thing changes, specially in IT fast, peoole should understand it... It's even worst that people still didn't see how changed the "don't be evil" google, but people still stucks in old good times, when they'll notice will be too late"

    Things to correct:

    -> thing changes

    -> specially in IT fast

    -> peoole

    -> it's even worst

    -> how changed the "don't be evil" google

    -> people still stucks in old good times

    -> when they'll notice will be too late


    ->Things change

    -> specially fast in IT

    -> people

    -> it's even worse

    -> how google changed the "don't be evil"

    -> people are still stuck in good old times

    -> when they'll notice, it would have been too late.

    Also dontbeevil:

    "really you childish people can't write it normally?"

    They don't have public repos for free membership... which is what GitHub fucking is.

    So why don't you go back to your surface and browse some porn instead.

    Don't talk to me or my kids ever again.
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    @shaki lol that's one example of open source/Linux nazis behaviors
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    Damn it, it kept fucking the formating :/

    Also tags don't work here? [quote]

    Edit: Huh, they do... :/ [/quote] <b></b> I don't want the actual effect of it, it just wouldn't post until I deleted them
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    Vscode with really good integration to github and free private repos. They do this and im sold
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    a moment later
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    To everyone ranting and commenting here in favor and against the acquisition. Nothing can be done now. Deal with it. You can either stay on Github or port away. End of story.
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    @ashishrn96 don’t worry. Be happy. I’m staying with GitHub until they do something evil and I’ll switch to Gitlab. If that doesn’t work well I’ll host my own.

    C’est la vie.
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    Ageed , people are definetly over reacting
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    You've got to be kidding me people... How the fuck do you think any M$ product is gonna be preferable after you see the privacy settings in Windows 10? Which is basically nonexistent!?

    Time to jump ship...
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    Microsoft + Github = $$$
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    @009topersky oh really... Silly me i thought ms was an onlus, exactly like most of it companies : apple, amazon, google, facebook....
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    @009topersky Are they going to be serving ads there too now? πŸ˜‚
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    @inaba you mean like google? ... becaue I didn't see any ads in vsts (frre version)
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    @dontbeevil I'm thinking more how Skype ended up serving malware in its ads, and the fact that Microsoft has ads in their $100+ operating system, yeah
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    @inaba I see, but my favourite is google serving malware in their play store, and spending time trying to find bugs and security flaw in windows, instead fix their shit os and services (and I'm an android user) ... but at least as a Windows user I'm glad that they this job for us
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    "I see, but google did this and that"

    No one is saying google is better, you ignorant excuse of a fanboy.

    [b]Two wrongs doesn't make it right[/b]

    Sometimes I wonder how you are able to carry out your day to day activities which are required to your survival, do you just put on one sock in the morning or three? I'm just baffled by how much fallacies you have in each of your posts, it's simply amazing how you can fit so much in so little.
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    @dontbeevil but what about the ootheeers ;_;
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    @Bitwise Thank you thank you thank you.
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    @dontbeevil Being a grammar Nazi has nothing to do with your preferred operating system haha.

    @dontbeevil @shaki @Bitwise But yes, I'm quitting the use of GitHub mostly for the reasons @Bitwise mentioned and also for the ones I described in a rant of my own earlier.

    Even if they'd stop the deal, I lost my trust in them completely.
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    The only reason I don't like this deal is because I recently read about Microsoft stealing a project from a woman, simply remaining it without even crediting her.
    Her project was open source, but Microsoft took it just like that and made it theirs.

    I will look for the link.

    EDIT: found it

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    @SnuKies So copying an MIT licensed project is stealing now?

    Should they have included the license and mention the original author? Yes, but let's not stretch things here. Some employee with questionable ethics doesn't mean MS shouldn't be able to purchase GitHub.
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    If MS going open source, why the fuck it bought github then ?
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    @dontbeevil third valuable company ?? really ?? Do you even know any other company ?
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    @jalebiBhai do you even read it news? I mean at least in it: apple, amazon, ms, google
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    @A-C-E I think things turned out well. Private repo’s for free.
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