Ok, now there is quite big movement from GitHub to GitLab (https://bit.ly/2xJWGDs). It's actually so big (over 250k https://twitter.com/gitlabstatus/...) that GitLab didn't expect and there is currently some problems with "Import tool". I think at least 95% of those projects are open source, and 2-3 weeks until bigger projects / closed source projects starts to move (if they move). I don't dare to say "open source is dead in GitHub" but if there is any believing in numbers there is some heavy decline now, and more decline in upcoming weeks when bigger projects move.
Basically GitHub has now lost quite many people who contributes to open source even if projects don't move (true, some people will continue use Github along GitLab and continues contribute GitHub open source projects) and their development rate will slow down, what can current "market" mean slow "death", or they need to find new active members to contribute code.

I'm more worried about open source than GitHub, and effect to open source can't be seen in right away (maybe year or two forward). MS has now quite lot power to decide what direction open source will move. Many of those who has moved / will move away from GitHub, and I believe some who moved away had subscription to GitHub, so there will be some decline in income too.

Now to biggest thing to see how MS reacts to it, do they get enough money from other sources they link to GitHub (Visual Studio, Azure and so on), or will decline be so big that they need to start monetize GitHub even more what then most likely increase decline open source in GitHub.

I personally originally joined GitHub just because there was some projects what I was interested (most of them are now dead long before), and I used to till yesterday have active subscription to GitHub. I don't hate or love GitHub or anything, it's service to me and I don't feel like "I have to be loyal". But on personal level I hate MS, and that's why I move away.

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