Well, I woke up with the mood to pick a fight with someone.

I think I'm gonna try and stay away from computers today.

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    Aw come on. You should be NoMad anymore!

    Sorry had to 😂😂
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    I don't know if you're asking for a fight or nah? 🤔
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    @NoMad A name pun. Like don't be mad anymore?

    No mad. Don't be mad?

    Fuck it. If I have to explain the pun it's a shit one. 😂😂🙃
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    I'm glad you got it. * insert sarcastic smile *

    P.S. Nothing against you personally tho. It's just my mood today.
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    Nomad an island mate
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    I am on a damn island. With 20+ million others tho. Sucks.
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