Kinda confused how THE REPEAL OF NET NEUTRALITY got buried in the Microsoft bought GitHub thing. I for sure am worried about the near future here in the US. Since it went into (or should I say out of) action today....

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    Well for starters, shit hasn't changed a bit.

    Secondly, several states have sued the FCC.

    Third there's a replacement net neutrality bill being tossed around congress, I do believe.

    Fourth several states have made their own version of net neutrality.

    Fifth, GitHub affects the whole world, not just us.

    And lastly, the subject is no longer popular because everyone has ranted about it more than once.
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    I got over it over time. :/
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    @Michelle Well Cali has their own version of it, I do believe.

    I know Washington was one of the states to do it. Cali likely did.
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