>> Le me. Le Idiot, moron, aloof.
>> No sense of life or living. No manners or dressing sense.
>> Arrogant and rude.
>> Going through hard times in personal life.
>> Moved to another project with two of my seniors, one guy(X) and other girl(Y).
>> Another senior in new team. Bad guy, bully me.
>> Le me make countless mistakes. Fail misreably.
>> X and Y catch me, everytime I fall.
>> X and Y teach me lot of things from their experience.
>> X good at telling stories. Le me love listening to his stories.
>> Y had a very good manager in past. Manager saved Y many times when Y was fresher.
>> Y lives the legacy and teaches me all those things to be a better human being.
>> Both support me everytime I make mistakes like their younger brother.
>> Le me work really very hard.
>> X and Y teach me smallest of the small things including how to write an e-mail to how to answer a telephone call.
>> Bad bully guy, tries to break us apart. Bad guy fails.
>> Le me teaches bad guy a lesson. Bad guy starts respecting my existence.
>> Le me gain confidence in life.
>> X and Y become close friends. I never had any siblings. I see them as my elder brother and sister.
>> X and Y start teaching me more than required for job.
>> Y gets married, haves kids, changes job and moves to different city.
>> Le me moves to different project. Groomed very well not just as an employee but also as a human being.
>> X still in same project.
>> Le me seek X's advice everytime stuck in job life. X always helps.
>> Still love listening to X's stories.
>> Y wishes everytime on my birthday without fail.
>> Still in touch. Great people. Amazing human beings.
>> Le me, mature now, hard and smart worker, earned promotion, going really well in job life.
>> Manager's perspective changed. Respects me more. Bad bully guy afraid of me.
>> New project, lot of respect and great performer.
>> My time to repay. Le me teaches juniors, guides and nourishes them when they fail or need help.
>> Juniors respect me a lot.

Thank you X and Y. I will always be indebted to you :)

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