I absolutely hate it when people say "I don't ever add comments because my code is well written and speaks for itself"

No you conceited dickheaded knobgobbler you add comments so I don't have to read thoroughly through all your fucking obscurely named functions to know what the fuck "VToMap" is supposed to do.

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    VToMap does V TO MAP. Ha! Simple as that.
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    Joke apart, I agree with you. Comments should be there. In every code. No excuse.
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    I would comment on vtomap. But i hate seeing unnecessery comments
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    There should be comments but they should answer question 'why' instead of 'what'.
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    There 2 ends of the story stupid comments on methods like getters which say “gets the name” are just polution. And no comments at all is just a middlefinger to the next developer who touches that code.

    I believe that eveything in your code schould have a purpose. So comments should have a purpose to clarify business logic or explain complex parts.
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    I usually do obnoxiously long and descriptive names instead of comments. A standard thing could be:

    (defn concatentate-and-prefix-strings [arg & rest]
    (str *prefix* arg (string/join rest " "))

    Small functions with obvious names and obvious code is much better than commenting everything
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    Also, commenting helps you as the author yourself. If you can't comment your code well, you can't talk about your code and you are probably not implementing a well articulated design.
    Maybe one should even write a few comments before writing the first function?
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