"Why did you send me two mails? You should've just edited your first one."

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    because the signal-to-noise ratio of everything you say is far too low.
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    @fuck2code Do script tags work in email?
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    @nobes they should, with html mails.
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    @stop @nobes aren't they blocked by most providers?
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    @BambuSource I think so
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    html mails? no they i just got an mail from vimeo. but script tags need to be parsed from the client
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    @stop I'm obviously talking about js in mails
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    JS gets mostly blocked, or rendered by old Outlook versions (figures...)
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    @fuck2code just changed it, seems appropriately awkward enough :P
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    Another topic but who knows the dilemma of: "Hm, he/she hasn't answered on my mail. Maybe I should send again? Is it in the spam folder or did I have a sending error?"

    1 day passes.

    2 weeks passes.

    and so on..
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    @BambuSource ut gets even worse when you changed your dns records and don't know if oyu set them correctly or if the other mail server thinks you are a scammer who is unathorised to send mails from this address.
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