Me: *explains to teacher* “I have a very strange issue with the character encoding, the compiler tells me there’s in unmappable character in each line. I tried to convert the encoding, the compiler still throws this error. NetBeans and [the stupid as fuck editor we use in class] can’t even open the file. I tried opening it up in Vim and Emacs though, and both worked, the file just doesn’t compile. I’m using Linux”
Teacher: “What? Vim and Emacs? Why are you using old and deprecated software? Nobody uses it. You should switch to Notepad++.”

This is the kind of shit I have to deal with on Mondays

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    Sounds like you should consider the instructor old and deprecated and move your education on yourself.
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    Wtf. I hope my future teaches are not like that but I bet they are.. CD teachers all the same
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    Teachers always blamed my choice of use at school for my problems. On the bright side it forced me to find answers myself. On the other hand, class got real slow when their crap editor always borked and I had to find something else to so while they tried to fix what I already had working.
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    @Condor that was my immediate thought.
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    “What? Vim and Emacs? Why are you using old and deprecated software? "

    This one really triggered me..
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    Don't scare me teachers!
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    Trigger warning, still read it. Grnxhdjdjdhdbdbudiwbshzhxusbhdbx fuuuck sake, man!
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    Yes I am triggeredddddddddddd

    Fckin retardo teacher wtf WHY TF NOTEPAD++

    Is he saying that notepad++ is an IDE?

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    same problems with damn near every teacher i've had. either make them feel dumb or reveal (at least to me) how dumb they are x-x
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    When I was in university, I always used whatever IDE the professor used in class or said to use. This made it easier to help students that came to me for tutoring.

    If it's for my personal projects then I'll use my choice of IDE. Whatever I learn I'll be able to apply anywhere.
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    How does your teacher even know the meaning of deprecated
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    *trigger warning*
    Hmm... 🤔
    > SIGINT $(pidof ++spree)
    Alright, let's pause and read 🙂
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    @Condor hahaha, made me laugh out loud!
    Thanks man, really appreciate it
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    Well, I thought I had a perfect response picture for this but I lost it 😢
    That teacher though.. next-level idiot 😅
    Alright, let's continue > ./++spree
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