My mom ... of course

She taught COBAL lang to me and assign me to done her works when I was six. Actually I had no idea WTH I did ... until I was ten then I knew it is called ‘Coding’

She was a great mentor because she can explain to stupid child like me.

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    And my Mom still worries about why I'm not eating enough veggies
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    @const And mine worried that I'd get square eyes by looking at a screen too much
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    @inaba just mom things 😀
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    Cool mom
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    @const just retard things*
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    Cool mom AND great programmer!
    Someone once said "You don't actually know something if you can't explain it to your grandma".
    Well, she explained it to her six years pld son... Congrats
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    Thats the sweetest thing i have ever heard.
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    Man, that is awesome !
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    Awesome! I think it's good that kids start learning early. Your mom is cool (not as cool as mine though 😉 )
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    did you mean COBOL?
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