So, I just noticed something.

Since I have been in Europe, I barely get any emails. In America I would have tons of random emails like spam.

In America every few hours I end up deleting like 20-30 emails. Since I have been in Europe I have only gotten 1-3 emails every few hours and only from services I subscribe to.

I guess GDPR?

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    New email address? It may take some time, but don't worry! You'll get that number in parenthesis next to the spam folder pumped up just fine!
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    @Buggz It really shouldn't. I have old account (GMail beta) that I use almost everywhere and I didn't have issues with it like OP describes. But I might be doing something different, because not much changed for me due to GDPR
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    @arraysstartat1 I also have an old gmail beta account I use everywhere and don't have the issues OP describes, but that's because gmail has fantastic spam detection so you don't have to delete anything manually.
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    20-30 spam emails each few hours is scary
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    Possibly it could be a tweak to gmail's spam filters that happened unbeknownst to me and just happened to coincide with my trip.
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    Ahh looks like my spam-bitwise-all-day.sh spam script crashed, thanks for the notif!
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    awesome! get it going again because I am not feeling so important anymore! I need spam to boost my self esteem and feel like people like me!
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    Dude, learn how to configure the spam and you will be fine anywhere
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