So, I just noticed something.

Since I have been in Europe, I barely get any emails. In America I would have tons of random emails like spam.

In America every few hours I end up deleting like 20-30 emails. Since I have been in Europe I have only gotten 1-3 emails every few hours and only from services I subscribe to.

I guess GDPR?

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    New email address? It may take some time, but don't worry! You'll get that number in parenthesis next to the spam folder pumped up just fine!
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    @Buggz It really shouldn't. I have old account (GMail beta) that I use almost everywhere and I didn't have issues with it like OP describes. But I might be doing something different, because not much changed for me due to GDPR
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    It will accumulate over time, unless you actively prevent your email address from being snatched up by someone unscrupulous... My previous Outlook account receives a lot of spam, and my Gmail account is even worse.. neither of which I check anymore since I got my own domain. But once you get into the mailing lists of spammers (from web crawlers, data sharing etc) the GDPR isn't going to protect shit. Criminals aren't exactly known for abiding by the law, you see.
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    @arraysstartat1 I also have an old gmail beta account I use everywhere and don't have the issues OP describes, but that's because gmail has fantastic spam detection so you don't have to delete anything manually.
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    20-30 spam emails each few hours is scary
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    Possibly it could be a tweak to gmail's spam filters that happened unbeknownst to me and just happened to coincide with my trip.
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    Ahh looks like my spam-bitwise-all-day.sh spam script crashed, thanks for the notif!
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    awesome! get it going again because I am not feeling so important anymore! I need spam to boost my self esteem and feel like people like me!
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    Dude, learn how to configure the spam and you will be fine anywhere
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