having a job for the rest of your life is better than starting your own company.

vote TRUE or FALSE.

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    TRUE, I'd rather guaranteed stability
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    @lxmcf read a book "rich dad poor dad" and i promise you, unless you're ignorant, you will start seeing a mirrored life - a life-upside-down, which is the real world most people such as you right now, don't see.
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    @senzory Yeah, looks like one of those coaching scams.

    The fact is, not everyone is good at owning business, doing investments and so on. We still need workers in those businesses so not everyone can own one, because competition will kill those who are worse at running their own thing.

    There is also your own comfort to consider. Would you rather work 16/24h in your own company and have a lot of money or work 8/24h, worry about nothing (or not much) and spend that money you have earned.

    For example, I'm a specialist, I code to get money. If I do well, some companies would consider to promote me to some kind of team lead or other management position. But this is not what I enjoy or Am good at, I would be miserable even tho I would be getting paid more. Is that this real world that I somehow missed to see and so it makes me ignorant and I suppose miserable?
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    @arraysstartat1 its not a scam, they help you open and expand your limited narrow minded perspective to see and achieve more. but if you are not ambitious enough, you will say what you said now. yes, not everyone is great at owning a company, but working for somebody else for the rest of your life doing monotonous things every day... that is just plain pathetic man... because you're not learning new stuff, you're not growing, you limited yourself to some dumb job because you're not ambitious enough to go for more. THAT is when you start dying.
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    Why not both?
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    Become a drug dealer and problem solved.
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    @senzory and why one way Is better than the other? Why is bad for someone to not be interested in doing something big?
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    @newNewbie its bad if you're young and you limit yourself to such small things. if you're old and have a family then it's debatable. but do what you want
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    a) have a job
    b) own a job

    I pick (d) let my money make money.

    (c) might be for others: own a business that employs others to make you money. (Think (b) where you no longer need to be present.)
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    @Root seems like you want to be so rich that even your dog has a dog.
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    @Floydian I want to not have to worry about money anymore. It's distracting and prevents me from doing meaningful work.
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    @Root like money working for you while you are asleep?
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    @Floydian Sounds amazing, doesn't it? 😊

    Frees up my time to spend with my family and working on projects of actual value: completely automated vertical farms, open source software, etc.
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    @Root so my life goal is to marry the girl of my dreams (my current crush) and attain financial retirement by 40 so that both can travel the world and enjoy our lives.

    You the life you see on Instagram or Pinterest?
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    @Floydian Adorable goals; best of luck! 😊

    And: I don't use either service.
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    @Root yes. Thanks. Much needed luck.

    I use Pinterest though. Love it.

    Good luck to you too my lady...
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    I'm liking this chat, so...

    To give a context, I think that while you want something, you can't be happy. You can just achieve the piece of soul if you want the minimum possible, so I try to do that.

    The only thing I want, is to live far away and spend the rest of my life studying.
    Don't really want anything expensive, just books.

    (I think the idea is kind of stoic - someone told me -, but I didn't read about it yet)
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