They need to quit telling me how difficult MY job is going to be or is, and just tell me what they want.
I Will make it happen, because I'm just that good.

Really tired of all the dramatic assumptions about how difficult things are when really they aren't even that bad.

Makes me wonder, are these people just really bad at their jobs, or am I just really good? Because I seriously don't think I'm that good.

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    When you need to get something working, you have no choice but to get it working.

    The fact is that if you look at a problem and panic about how difficult it is, you don't make any steps to resolving it.

    Programming is difficult, that's a given. The options are - 1) Panic over how difficult it is, or 2) just get the fuck on with it!

    I'm guessing you tend to follow option 2.....

    The amount of times I see dreadful software go into production, I do sometimes wonder whether the vast majority of "professional" programmers actually understand what they're doing at all...

    Never underestimate the depth of human incompetence! Some people really do make it into an art form ;)
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    @oudalally it's when they attempt to spread their incompitence to save face that it drives me insane.
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    @Torbuntu Ain't that the truth!!!!
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