Goddammit Certified enganeers... Can't you really do anything properly?

My Medion TV has a SCART connector on the back, so I figured that I could buy an adapter for this PS2 and connect it to the TV that way. If only it wasn't for the fact that even though there is the fucking hardware, Medion's "engineers" didn't bother adding it as a fucking source to the software of this bloody thing!

Well not an issue for me (because you know, 🎵 I'm simply the best! 🎵🎶 Better than all the rest 🎶)

.. Anyway, there's an AV input on the side that is properly recognized.. so I was able to remove the tulip connectors from that adapter and solder an audio cable to that.. because you know, the AV inputs are really just audio jacks that you can rewire regular 3.5mm audio wires for.

But here's the thing.. if I can hack my way around that crappy implementation from Medion without any certificates whatsoever.. then why is it that a paid, certified motherfucker can't even do it properly in the first place?!

Anyway, next up for this PS2 is finding circuit diagrams for those fancy modchips I guess 🤔

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