There’s no place like home,
Where the internet’s busted,
Cellular data is shit,
And right in the corner of nowhere,

Here I was enjoying my day off, no work, the office chat group is silent, just me and my ps4 playing detroit, while downloading some other games,

Until the wifi suddenly disconnects, and I’m unable to reconnect due to “the security method might not be correct” error,

As I was about to look it up, somehow my phone wifi connection is also acting up, then I tried to forget the ssid and reconnect, it keeps saying “incorrect password”,

Angry and bitter, I took my laptop and starts pulling all the cables to find out which one I can tap into the modem with, just my luck, it was the one at the farthest end of the house, installed to another switch,

Then I checked the wifi settings, took me some time to figure out the modem’s password, lo and behold, the password’s still the same, security setting is set to WPA/WPA2-PSK [AES], as far as I know/remember the configuration hasn’t changed, what the fuck??

After that I tried changing the security configurations, going back and forth from the other end of the house back to near the modem to try connecting to it, changing the ssid, changing the password, restarting the modem many times, with no avail, same error, on both devices,

Well, shit, I’m probably looking in the wrong place anyway, hopefully it sorted itself by tomorrow,

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