Is a linkedin account useful?

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    Depends, looking for a joband you have connections then yes

    Otherwise no
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    I received many interesting job offers, due to recruiters finding my linkedin profile.

    So I'd say yes, it is useful
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    But every action (mouse button click) is a risk there. And making a simple change to settings can take an hour.

    Be prepared for a fight if you enter there. The weak will not survive.
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    It was very helpful for me when looking for a job.

    That said I hated every second of it.
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    Just another way to get spied on.
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    In some countries, recruiters a companies do a heavy use of it to scout developers.

    Also, they have a good platform to post and search jobs.

    So I'd say yes.
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    Got me my current job. So yes.
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    seems like a stalking app
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