I did the mistake of mentioning I like programming 3 years ago, when the teacher wanted to us to tell the class about ourselves. Suddenly everyone knew and asked if I could hack and if I could make bots/phishing programs for them. FUCKING HELL I REALLY DIDN'T THINK ANYONE WOULD CARE. IT. IS. SO. ANNOYING. 3 YEARS I HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS CRAP. 3 FUCKING YEARS.

Aaaand it's over on Friday. After that I start high school, can't wait >:(

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    No idea what that last tag is supposed to mean. I just wrote "I die" and it popped up. Clicked it because why not, might as well
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    Two rants in one day. You're on fire!
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    Can you still make a dislike bot tho?

    Had a colleague yesterday saying:

    "Hey man, on this [JPEG] picture there's my email, you think you can make it clickable?"

    At least he was understanding instead of insisting when I said you can't unless on the whole image hahaha
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    @Phlisg in html you can do that. wirh pure html, in fact.. using, i believe, maps.. but let me have another look.
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    @gitreflog @Phlisg jep html image map tag.
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    I die for my beaners
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    @AlpineLinnix I oove Java Beans honestly. Especially with kotlin.
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    That's the image the media draw of us... Any Dev is a hacker and computers are magic.
    What people actually need is some real proper education on the subject, but that ain't gonna happen as you see (three years of school should have been enough to learn about that)... As long as they buy the bullshit, the bulls keep shitting.
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    I feel i have been lucky at all the places/schools i have been at, i have never meet a retard at any of the places.

    @Alice Thanks now i can write CSS (Counter Strike Source) on my CV.
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    @hugh-mungus i started learning coding from eleven)
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    @hugh-mungus woah.
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    You start high school? How old are you (if I may ask)?
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    @oudalally I don't really know these weird English school words.

    5-6: Preschool
    7-9: Primary school
    10-13: Middle school
    14-16: Junior something? Idk
    16-19: High school

    Then college and uni and whatever
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    @AlpineLinnix welp. I’m the same age and am about to start the second high school year (or at least the German equivalent of high school which has a ridiculously long name)
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    @RantSomeWhere isn't it gymnasium?
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    @AlpineLinnix Gymnasium is like the American middle school + whatever + high school.
    High school alone is called “Gymnasiale Oberstufe”
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    @RantSomeWhere oooohh. It's just called gymnasium here. Or gymnasie I don't even know
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    @Alice @gitreflog well I was being lazy but yeah cutting up the image or something would have worked :)

    Actually I didn't care, people outside my department think I'm the janitor so I'm not helping them too much if it's takes more than a click to do
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    Went through the same situation, however I started High School last year and most of my classmates are still the same as before. One mention of knowing how to program and everyone was on my ass. I always went with the flow though, saying I can do whatever they asked, but refusing to go through with it for "ethical reasons". Cracked/Hacked software and tech support are well worth mentioning as well. I won't say much about the former, but seemingly everyone - the whole bloody school (about 130 people in total) - came to me when their computer wouldn't play ball. Even teachers. I ended up fixing a lot of stuff - pro bono - and even school property (computers, photocopiers, networking equipment, and the list goes on). An upside is that they pulled me from classes I despised, so I thought, why not...
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    To be fair I did once come up with a hack of sorts, packaged it up as an android app and sent it all over. It is country-specific (aka for Greece only), namely targeting public pay-to-use wifi access points that offer a 15 minute trial per MAC address. Really just stupid on the provider's side, nothing huge of an accomplishment, just a dedicated MAC spoofer for the portal.
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