I finally ditched Windows 10 to install XUbuntu AND HOLY SHIT IT IS SO FAST!!!

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    Now get rid of the DE and install i3. Your distro will get even faster. :^)
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    is windows 10 slow?
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    For machines in consumer environment that suffer already
    Linux is faster by concept || principle
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    Windows 10 is one of the fastest Windows Versions. Even faster as most Distros to be honest - on non crap laptops (subjective feeling - no benchmarks done) ...
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    Mine sure was. This install is night and day faster.

    The difference is still phenomenal.

    It is, but it still doesn't compare to Linux in pure speed.
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    Fresh installation of win10 is also fast, just get rid of all the bloatware crap.
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    @ClySuva Can't even remember the last time I booted a pre-installed Windows OS.
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    Lmao fresh windows 10 is fast on an SSD. Slow down after 6 months and worse after that. Windows on a HDD is appalling. Every Windows version rly, 10 isn't completely -10/10 like pre 8 were. But it's still pretty bad.

    Linux on the other hand is about as fast as a fresh Windows install on an SSD vs HDD on Linux. Linux SSD is 0 lag 0 responce problems 100% even from login. Windows struggles for about 5s after login.

    Even the most bloated Linux install is about 1/3 the bloat of Windows. And that shows.
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    it's easy to be fast when you're not running anything useful XD
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    @Midnigh-shcode I guess every single service you connect to and utilise on the Internet is useless too. Because guess what they run.... Hmm.
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    My Windows 10 is so fas...

    - Installing upgrades
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    Heyyyyyyyy, I used that line. But it was still fast running Slack, Chrome, Spotify, a Meteor server, Angular, and Vim. Still basically instant loading.
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    @meladath oh, hi. i'd like to introduce you to this interesting concept called "humor" ;)
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    @ClySuva How much do you use Linux? Yes, Windows 10 is by far the fastest modern version of Windows, but my Linux install is always faster, and when I run software in WINE it often runs faster than it does on Windows.
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