Ow, so you use Arch Linux?
So doge, much congrats.
I use Gentoo in my NAS/MediaCenter since 2009 👌🏻😂

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    & How is this better;
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    I don’t know if it’s any better,I simply like it.
    The best OS ever is Windows Vista.
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    @xawos BSOD Heaven xD
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    When you need to compile with some special small tweaks and want to easily switch between versions, Gentoo (portage, equery) is quite good.

    Also, once you have your system configured and ready, it's really quite easy to just copy the configs to another and build it right up immedially :)
    - of course, if you've got platform specific settings, (eg. -march=haswell) you may want to change that on the new box.
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    @xawos @xewl still Vista theme, best theme.
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    In my case absolutely yes, as i’m using an old Zenithink tablet as NAS.
    It has 512MB of RAM, a dual-core CPU and 4GB of HDD with a 2TB USB hard drive.
    It’s only purpose is to backup my main PCs and to share NFS for the rPi media center.
    Given the hardware I needed to optimize almost every CPU cycle, so I went for Gentoo.
    It’s up and running since 2011, with a dozen reboots here and there, but it never crashed ;)
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    (Errata: Since 2011, my bad. Can’t modify post now)
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    Are you still compiling the kernel?
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    Nope, sorry, Kernel’s still stuck at 2.6.34
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