For horse's cunts' sake, I wish people wouldn't just think of some dumb, edgy, ridiculous title, and then cram a bunch of idiotic fallacies into an overly long idiotic article accompanying that piece of crap, just in order to justify the click bait, then submit that dumb dribble to newsletters. Even the better ones are littered with this shit, lately, and that's just such a fucking waste of time, if there ever was one.

If they have to write articles, why the fuck don't these morons at least try to write something that matters by furthering productive discussion, instead of dividing developers with half-baked and completely idiotic assumptions they aren't even able to support nor argue for properly?

Fucking idiots.

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    @Condor The buzzwords aren't even the problem, you can basically filter that out by just reading the title.
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    People are fucking idiots and many of them have learned that lying pays as well as genuine research for a fraction of the effort.

    And so they invent, not useful things, but complete wastes of time and effort.

    They're mental and fiscal leeches.
    Parasites. Nothing more.
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    @Root It's harder to create something then to do copy paste click bait. My web blockers do a pretty good job cleaning the bulk of it but there's only so much you can do.

    I think it's just marketing 101. People won't click your article if it isn't outrageous.
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    I fucking hate that. I’ve written two articles on Medium about a certain cryptocurrency tech, I spent hours googling stuff because I wasn’t sure about what I was saying, to find comparaisons for not tech savvy people, and the you see articles like “You have to buy Ripple because it’s hot, it’s a hot coin and will jump”. What the fuck does that even mean? Are you talking about their servers temperature? Or about the cum flowing in your widefucked ass?
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    @Root Very well said, I agree.
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    @cabrasm They probably own a bunch of Ripple, don't really know why, and want others to buy it so its value will "jump" so they can sell it at a profit.

    It's a crappy version of a typical stock scam where you tell people (e.g. on TV) that the value of a particular stock (that you ofc own lots of shares of) will increase, which encourages those viewers and their friends to buy it, thereby raising its price and proving you correct. The more people you convince, the bigger the effect, the larger your profits, and the more people will listen to you the next time. Repeat ad nauseam, or until jailed for market manipulation.
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    Worse are those with NFSW thumbnails.

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    NFSW? I don't get what's wrong with those, other than that they are cheap, ugly unfitting stock photos.
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    @AlexDeLarge not these ones. Even worse ones.

    I can't browse internet at work because of these.
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    @Floydian off topic, but your dfox avatar is really messing with my head.

    Just shows how interesting human memory and thinking patterns are.
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    @RememberMe that's the reason I love to experiment and did this. Lol

    Check the mess they have done here: https://devrant.com/rants/1480071/...
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    Choose an ambiguous title, make them unsure about the content and they get a dopamine hit when they click it. Rinse and repeat
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    I agree. Clickbait is annoying, avoid those sites at all cost!
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    Horses Cunt? This seems to be very specific...You know, zoophelia ist a crime in most countries
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    @FuzzyDoge Ah, damn, I didn't know that. If that's the case I'll wait for the police to arrest me, because I fucked your mom.last night.
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    @hugh-mungus it's almost like we're all just... lab rats
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    @Floydian uBlock Origin is your friend.
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    @FuzzyDoge Alexdelarge changed his mind bout zoophelia after his vacations where he had a love affair whit a savage monkey
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    @starrynights89 yup. Use that already.
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