So I got sick and missed it.... But the 6th marked my first entire year on devrant!

It's crazy to see how much the community has grown since I have first joined.

I remember constantly refreshing the 'recent' page and reading every single rant and comment that had been posted. Oh, the good old times, back when the memes where actually funny and there weren't any spammers..

I also "met" some really cool people ( @linuxxx and the rest of the people in the signal group) and tried Arch Linux for the first time (worth it!!)

And somehow after a year, I have became the 24th top ranter by ++ count (thanks to the devrant-stats people for that info) and one of the most searched users on the platform. I didn't expect anyone to care about my posts at all but I guess I was wrong..

So anyways... Thanks to @dfox and @trogus for this awesome community / app

Let's see how many more years I stay here....

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    that day was my last exam at uni XD

    Been almost a year and a half for me, and enjoyed meeting so many nice people, and learned a lot from all of you :)
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    Signal group? I only knew we had that (kinda inactive) Riot group.
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    Reminds me of it.. my devRant birthday was yesterday 🤔 should probably rant about that too.

    And yeah.. I also miss the good ole days where posts were actually interesting and people didn't just copypaste the top post from r/programmerhumor for quick ++ and those free stickers... Eh, times have changed I guess. Luckily I was able to curate my subscriptions before that and pretty much avoid the feed altogether 🙃

    Happy year++ bro 🤗
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    DevRant signal group?
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    @systemctl @iihirotoii
    Ya. It has been around for a while. Occasionally new people are invited but I have nothing to do with the invites.
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