WanBLowS!!! Don't just go reboot yourself when shit's still left open overnight, unless I explicitly tell you to! Or how about asking me whether it's actually okay to reboot?! Fucking piece of shit!!! 🤬

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    I never have such issues.
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    U r A nOoB! uSe LiNuX!!1!!11
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    Well it probably asked, but you didn't react, so it went ahead and rebooted
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    @RantSomeWhere blame Nvidia 😑 I tried the best I could to get this shit on Linux, even compiled a heavily customized kernel for it at some point.. which in a stupid move I lost the .config for. But even then I never got it to work as it should 😞 X.org had mouse flickering issues with the secondary monitor back when it was still a regular 1080p panel, and flat out refused to work when I upgraded it to a 2560x1080 ultrawide.. so Windows it is. Courtesy of those Nvidia mofos.
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    This has been an issue for such a long time now. disable automatic updates and do them when you chose to yourself.. No more issues..
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    “Active hours”
    If you plan to leave pc on overnight, adjust the hours appropriately
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