I'm slowly developing cancer in my company.
It's not that there is one single thing that annoys me it's more like death by thousand paper cuts.

IT is resentful and stops devs from being productive with their linux "soft ban". They tell you it's not allowed but the CEO actually allowed Linux for devs and there's a hard to find confluence page that outlines the conditions.

The company is advertised as being super friendly, open and progressive. Everyone will be your friend and shit, but in reality everyone gossips behind your back if you're not one of the cool kids.

There are a lot of power hungry people that try to drain the company for free benefits like yoga classes and shit cause after all we're super progressive and cool. All the after work Events are just the cool kids hanging out and if you're actually authentic there and the way you are doesn't fit with the group they basically treat you like an outcast.

The worst part is the contrast. I work with devs and support people and those guys are actually cool and authentic, but ironically not the ones participating in those after work events. The most comedic part is that we are actively recruiting "nerds" but the people who recruit are not merds at all and make the nerds feel unwelcome once in the company.

It's all so pretentious, people act as if we're all about friendliness and everyone brings in cake and food and we all enjoy being together but that's such bs. you can see it in their eyes that it's all lies

There's so much i could rant about. But i think some people will actually know what i mean

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    How long you been there?
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    not that long, since September. i think i have a rant about switching departments due to my former boss falsely advertising the position.
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    Are you a geek or an imposter?
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    If you are unhappy find somewhere else. If there is no where else maybe you should try to integrate better with existing staff. I find a lot of IT people are socially arkward. You may not be that way. But there is generally a difference between geeks and non geeks. Your boss isn't a geek he is a leader or maybe an entrepreneur. Down the pub or in a social gathering just accept you are different. Many it guys have a lot of anger and attitude...and.ery opinionated. That doesn't make friends. Respect is earned, being good at something doesn't make people like you.
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    actually I'm quite sociable and extraverted and i integrate very well with some of the consultants who are generally more disagreeable. i also integrate well with the socially awkward people, always have since my early teens. that boss advertised a dev position but it was not a dev position so i asked my current boss to join his department and now I do what i love.

    it's not even that certain folks don't like me, it's just the double speak and false advertising. When i hang out with theless nerdy types and "cool kids" they generally accept my presence and don't mind me but then i witness all the underhanded remarks about co-workers that aren't there, the gossip and attitudes and i just don't like that so i avoid these people.

    but you are very right, I'm looking for new companies rn. the big benefit of this place tho is the short commute (5mins) and the fact that my team is very productive and enjoyable
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    @davehuk less nerdy the middle management? It's good your social that's not the problem then.
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    Linux softban? WTF? Are they a Mac shop?

    I've used Linux at work for the past four jobs, over 7 years, in 3 countries. I do not want to ever go back to a Win/Mac desktop.

    I would find a new job.
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    Windows, cause most employees are just soing basic office shit.
    the majority of devs don't work at the HQ and they use linux cause it doesn't have control over their office. i work at HQ but i took a risk and installed arch and I'm the only dev at HQ that doesn't have any problems with their machine. my boss and an operator followed my path and it worked out great except that IT doesn't like us now :P
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    @hugh-mungus shouldn't you present this situation to your CEO and get a formal green to using what gives you the most productivity and joy to work?

    I've been in a somewhat similar situation but after some time I've convinced the people and I'm now one of the few folks using Linux on the workstation. No more OS restrictions whatsoever, as long as you're doing your job.

    Edit: The only issues you may have with the Microsoft centric network and communication apps, but I've found workarounds
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    Outbound people think that talking and cake and events are things that include people because they don't need meaningful connections, they only need a connection, even if it is not real, even if it did not happen, they will think it did.

    Outbound people are HR, recruiters, C-level, some managers, generally non tech people.

    See the problem?
    They are selfish assholes who think are doing good for everyone but fail to get out of their own asses.
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    @mundo03 I wish I could say you are wrong buy you nailed it pretty hard.

    I don't know a single dev who is social, everyone I know myself included is a social awkward wallflower, the type to pet the animals(Cats!) at parties rather than socialise.
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    Who the fuck is IT to decide what OS you can or can't use. You are the dev you can only use what works for you
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    @wannabee Could you tell me about those workarounds? We're using Skype for business (sigh) quite a lot. And of course Outlook and all the Office crap with CI styled templates that we have to use...
    I'm an Android developer there and I'm super happy with the company and co-workers. But I'm a Linux guy and developing on Windows just feels so unproductive and the OS has minium one strange problem every week. Mainly with the awesome Trend Micro AV. Today it just kept deleting a binary I built because it recognized it as a virus. Then after 30 minutes or so it just stopped doing it... WTF is this software? O.o
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    @hugh-mungus Windows only eh.


    Sorry to be so blunt about it.
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    @toXel what I've found to replace those:

    * Skype for business => Pidgin + SIPE plugin to enable the "Office Communicator" protocol.

    * Outlook => Thunderbird + Lightning calendar + DavMail.

    * Office => LibreOffice.

    I'll try to remember some articles on how to properly set these up if you don't manage to do so first.
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    My team is using linux cause i basically installed arch. So my team is good. Our berlin office is basically linux only as well.

    i agree about the superficial connnection thing. I'd say they even fear meaningful connections. Whenever a convo starts getting deeper they distract with some bs.

    But it's not all doom and gloom. It's mostly just some of the people who suck, however I'm gonna look into new companies
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    @wannabee I switched to Pidgin + SIPE on Windows today and it works great so far! I'll try out the Thunderbird solution in the next days and then I'll ask my boss/IT department if I can switch to Linux. Wish me luck!
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    @toXel You should be aware that Pidgin with SIPE only enables basic chat functionality, at least I could not make video calls or drag'n'drop file transfer.

    I'd also suggest trying these on a live Linux (USB or live cd) to ensure everything works as expected.

    Best of luck 🍻
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