I started out inspired and full of creative energy. Coding epic stuff.

Then the corporate monsters came and drained every ounce of motivation I had to code and turned it into a product. I was a butterfly and now I'm an overused dirty workplace rag.

It feels like everyone around me has no integrity.

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    Welcome to Cubeville, population: You.
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    Ouch, right in the dignity! :(
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    Your Butterfly comment reminded me of this...
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    Whenever I hear someone say such thing about corporates it scare me more. I am never going to work in a corporate, gonna remain freelance forever or start my own company.
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    @mrgadget that was epic. Thanks I needed that.😁
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    @sugoi looks it's tough and I'm sure not all corporates are the same. The problem is not the technical people. It's those damn salesman and business analysts. Also the people who try to control technical decisions when they are clearly wrong.

    Most people are not brave enough to admit they are wrong so they just keep pushing their own agenda until it usually fails or becomes my problem somehow.

    Okay maybe sometimes the technical people who climbed the ladder through politics. Those ones are the worst.
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    @TheWorkplaceRag This rant perfectly describes how I feel every day.

    Also, your first and second paragraphs in your most recent reply describe my job so completely...

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