why's everyone obsessed with stickers?

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    Because they are symbols.

    Symbols are built upon certain beliefs and values creating an identity.

    We human like to represent the beliefs and values we believe in.

    We do that by associating them with symbols who stand for or believe in what we do.

    Back to stickers, because they are cool.
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    We don't need no stinkin' badges!
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    ya it's all that psychology bs =p
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    Think of them like tattoos that you can scrape off easily if you don't want them anymore. For your laptop. Basically, bragging rights and they also help finding peers. We humans are such social beings that we tend to unconsciously seek closeness, even if through small things, like stickers.
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    @julianmd but you have to scrape them off D= or get out chemicals/tools to do it carefully
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    @zlice Maybe in the case of bad quality ones, you do. What I have used over the years came off only leaving a very small outline that could be easily cleaned off with just a tissue.
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    common talking grounds

    "oh you use kubernetes? me too it's so awesome isn't it?" "yeah totally i learned about it while I was taking a system dump on the toilet and scrolling trough fossbytes 4 years ago" "lol"
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    I dislike them. They make your machine look tacky and like a teenagers bedroom walls.
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    @heyheni oh ya i guess the "look at me" psych also goes with, ew, meeting ppl
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