Unpopular Opinion: Windows 10 with Subsystem for Linux is the best Linux distro

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    *cocks gun*

    dufuq did you just say?
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    It's terminal programs options are inferior to what's available natively on Linux. Also Linux performance is severely impaired
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    @AndSoWeCode yesh. i can see that being all someone needs though.

    i frickin hate windows just for the filesystem alone x-x
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    I'm still wondering if W10 with the linux subsystem is the better alternative to Windows with Cygwin (whose permission model sucks) or MSYS (which is just not powerful enough).

    But due to lack of W10 I will never find out.
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    @ddephor the windows 10 linux is wayyyy frickin better than cygwin. i used cygwin forever and used the w10 ubuntu(right?) for like 5min and was sold
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    The heresey in this post is too much.
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    I don't care about your option. The fact that you called Windows a Linux distro makes me want to kill you...
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    That's a paddlin
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    Delet this
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    The subsystem is great but you still have to deal with the windows BS. I wish there was a way to have the Linux subsystem without windows installed at all... Oh wait, they already make that 😁
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