so...if you make a linux fone (android, duh) you have to release kernel source right?

but most fones you can't frickin root, unlock bootloader, and what not. thus, making that source kinda useless unless maybe you port it to another device.

so like...how is that even legit? not beneficial to most ppl. ffs. kool you obeyed GPL but can't really apply that code.

frickin stupid. pissed. just venting and bitching bc i want root on a fone w/ the io i want.

i know you can get "root" for a shell, but not sure what all would work for that. guessing it'd still block some things going through to the actual fone env. and that doesn't cover kernel modules, especially ones that conflict with what's running.

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    Kernel is GPLv2, and Tivoisation is only prohibited with GPLv3. Linux cannot move to GPLv3 because of too many authors who would have to agree, and Torvalds thinks companies should have the right to bar customers from their own devices.
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    @Fast-Nop i know T_T (didn't know tivo stamped that word, neat)

    also, i'm well aware this is prolly my 20th time bitching abt fones on here in case anyone wants to point it out
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    As far as I know, Hurd is GPLv3....

    Just wait another 20 years and get a phone with that.
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    @ilPinguino XPXPXPXP hurd, ya. i think ppl said it'd be an OS 20 years ago
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    Phones are weird. The kernel is fully customizable, it's just the bootloader. I remember bricking my Verizon phone a couple years ago. All I got was a screen that basically said my phone was rooted and it won't boot until I unrooted it. It's technically illegal to do that but I'm sure Verizon has some of the best lawyers in the world. Total b.s.
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